Train with Coach Coop

Coach Coop

Players who have attended camp will know Coach Coop. Jason “Coop” Conley is a former professional Basketball player who played for Stu Vetter in high school. Coop helps develop young players both on and off the court.  Players looking to further develop their skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork and basketball IQ through one on one training will love training with Coop.  To check availability fill out the short form below or call Coop at 240-460-6390.

Now Offering: Virtual Basketball Training

Now your child can get elite training anywhere. Coach Coops’ new Virtual Training regimen allows students to continue to develop his or her game without risking exposure to Covid-19.  Students work on dribbling, shooting and footwork over one hour sessions while Coach Coop watches and instructs virtually.  At only $25 an hour this is a great way to keep in shape and keep basketball skills sharp. 

As long as you have access to a hoop and a phone YOU CAN TRAIN. To check availability fill out the form below.

About Jason "Coop" Conley

  • Was the first freshmen in NCAA history to lead NCAA in scoring at 29.3 points per game
  • Played for VMI and University of Missouri
  • Sourthern Conference player of the year
  • Big 12 first team all-academic
  • Played professionally in Germany, Finland, Romania, and Austria